What is "Juka Games"?

Juka Games is a special event where RCO and HisandHersLive team up to bring a fun experience for the Apex Community.
The type of game mode varies from Juka Games to Juka Games. These games allow for people within the community who have never played together get the opportunity to play together.

Here's some examples of game modes we've done:

  • Pathfinder Race

  • 30 mans (30 Pathfinders vs 30 Bangalores vs 30 Wraiths)

  • Colosseum (2 teams go head to head in center ring)

  • Random Teams

With Juka Games we love to hear back from the community and see what game modes you guys can come up with. 


This event is first come first serve so don't miss out and sign up as soon as you can!

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