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Supa Juka Series 10k Chapter 4

RCO eSports will be live casting this Juka Bowl on 

Important dates:
***Supa Juka Series 10k Chapter 4  Saturday, 2/6/21 with game play starting at 7:00 PM Eastern***


  1. Rules

    • Must join the discord provided in your email.

    • One Female (minimum) is required per team.

    • Using any cheats, hacks, or other third party "helper" applications in playing matches is strictly prohibited 

    • Colluding with other teams in playing matches is strictly prohibited.

    • Taking advantage of known exploits in the game (it is the responsibility of players to understand and avoid all current illegal exploits) is strictly prohibited.

    • Abusive or disorderly behavior, including any use of harassing, negative, or profane language online is strictly prohibited (toxic behavior towards other participants of the tournament)

    • Stream Sniping is strictly prohibited.

    • One person on the team is required to stream.

    • Map Rotation
      Semi-Finals: Kings Canyon, Olympus, Worlds Edge
      Finals: Kings Canyon, Olympus, Worlds Edge, Worlds Edge

  2. Point System

    •  One kill = 2 points

    •  Placement Points:

      • 1st: 12

      • 2nd: 9

      • 3rd: 7

      • 4th: 5

      •  5th: 4

      • 6th - 7th: 3

      • 8th - 10th: 2

      • 11th - 14th: 1

      • 15th - 20th: 0

  3. Prizes

    • 1st $1250 

    • 2nd $750 

    • 3rd $500

  4. Payout Process

    • We will be requiring at least one person from team to give their PayPal email address via sign ups and then that person will be in control of distributing winnings to all team members.

    • Prize money will be distributed up to 1 month (30 days) of winning.

    • Upon winning the team will be emailed that they won as confirmation.

  5. Streaming

    • You acknowledge by entering this tournament RCO eSports has the right to cast over the stream provided.

    • The person streaming is required to do the following: 

      • VOD's must be enabled with access for any Tournament Official

      • Stream title must include #SupaJuka10k and #RCOeSports 

    • By not following any of the required instructions can result in immediate disqualification.

  6. Role Call

    • The team captain will be required to be present for Role call at 6:00 PM Eastern

    • If you are not present your team will be replaced by the next team in line

   7. Tie Breaker

  • In the event of a tie breaker the immediate tie breaker is by placement over the set matches.

  • If there are 2 or more teams that placed the same then the tie breaker will go by overall damage of the 2 or more team teams.


RCO eSports will be live casting this Juka Bowl on 
Be sure to stop in and say hello! Rules are subject to change. 

We appreciate your participation and hope you have fun competing. 🐝 


Bam: or Discord RCO_Bam#3723

Nando: or Discord RCO_Nand2o3#2864

RCO eSports Discord:

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